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Brand: DENSO | Category: Radiators

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 2006 - 2006 H1 ALL V8 6.6 ALL ALL ALL
Click For More Info 2003 - 2007 H2 ALL V8 6.0 ALL ALL ALL
Click For More Info 2008 - 2009 H2 ALL V8 6.2 ALL ALL ALL
Click For More Info 2006 - 2006 H3 ALL L5 3.5 ALL ALL ALL
Click For More Info 2007 - 2010 H3 ALL L5 3.7 ALL ALL ALL
Click For More Info 2008 - 2010 H3 ALL V8 5.3 ALL ALL ALL

Product Description

Like all the company’s First Time Fit® A/C components, DENSO condensers are designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with the vehicle’s original air conditioning system. DENSO condensers match up to OE condensers at every benchmark. Multiflow, subcooling, and the latest serpentine condenser styles are offered to provide the optimum configuration for each application. Premium aluminum construction improves reliability, resisting corrosion to avoid expensive system leaks, while the superior fin wave design offers higher heat transfer and maximum refrigerant condensation. Heat exchanger cores are specially designed to shed airborne material buildup, allowing the A/C system to operate at peak efficiency with minimal maintenance, assuring years of trouble-free service.


  • Zinc diffusion layer improves corrosion resistance
  • Unique fin design to minimize airflow blockage
  • High performance condenser reduces the required compress power


  • First Time Fit® assures bolt-in replacement; no brackets and adapters
  • Reduces required compressor power, resulting improved fuel economy
  • Restores A/C performance to as-new condition