790-558 - AIRAID Filter Tune-Up Kit

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Part #: 790-558
Notes: Air Filter Cleaner
24 oz.
MSRP: $12.99
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Color Natural

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Part Number Price Notes & Specs
790-555 $8.31 Notes Air Filter Oil
8 oz.
Squeeze Oil
Color Red
790-554 $9.11 Notes Air Filter Cleaner
12 oz.
790-560 $12.71 Notes Air Filter Renew Kit
8 oz.
Squeeze Oil
12 oz. Cleaner
For Use w/Filter PN[860-512]
790-556 $8.79 Notes Air Filter Oil
6.25 oz.
Aerosol Oil
790-550 $12.07 Notes Air Filter Renew Kit
8 oz.
Squeeze Oil
12 oz. Cleaner
790-565 $7.91 Notes Air Filter Oil
8 oz.
Squeeze Bottle
Blue Oil
For Use w/Filter PN[860-512]
Color Blue
790-551 $12.07 Notes Air Filter Renew Kit
12oz Aerosol Oil
12oz Cleaner

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Product Description

AIRAID® Cleaning Solution is uniquely formulated to clean without damaging the gauze filter media. AIRAID® Performance Oil Forms an additional line of defense against dirt without limiting airflow. Clean your AIRAID® filter every 30,000 to 50,000 miles for normal driving, or more often for off-road and heavy dust conditions.

If your annual mileage is low, be sure to check the filter once a year to see if oiling is needed.

  • Use Only AIRAID® Cleaning Solution:
  • Use only AIRAID® Cleaning Solution to clean your AIRAID® filter.
  • Never use gasoline, detergents, steam cleaning or parts solvent.
  • Oil After Cleaning (Not necessary with SynthaMax® Filter).

Your AIRAID® Premium Filter is pre-oiled and ready to use right out of the package. Always oil your AIRAID® Premium Filter after each cleaning.