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XS Power SuperBanks - Components and Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: XS Power | Category: Batteries
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
33-1100 3,000F SuperCell Capacitor
33-0006 SB500 Super Cap Output Terminals
(2) Billet Aluminum
Dual 1/0 Outputs
33-0015 SB500 Super Cap End to End Link Buss Bar
(1 set) Billet Aluminum
Includes Hardware
33-2000 SB500 Universal Mounting System
Holds Two Caps
ABS Plastic
Hardware Included
33-0001 SB500 Super Cap Balancing Circuit
SuperCell Capacitors
33-0005 SB500 Super Cap Modular Buss Bar Terminals
(2) Billlet Aluminum
Dual 1/0 Outputs
33-0012 SB500 Super Cap Link Buss Bar
(1) Billet Aluminum
Includes Hardware
33-1200 3,150F SuperCell Capacitor

Product Description

Super Bank Capacitor Component Parts and Accessories.