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QA1 Control Arms

Brand: QA1 | Category: Control Arms

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Product Description

QA1 offers a variety of upper and lower control arms for Mustangs, Camaros, GM A-Bodies and MOPARs. QA1’s Tubular Control Arms reduce unsprung weight while improving weight distribution in race applications.

Mustang Tubular Control Arms

Eco-Comp Control Arms
The Eco-Comp Control Arms are an economical choice in tubular arms for use on the strip. They are built with QA1’s exclusive compressed rubber bushings and engineered for performance. The Eco-Comps offer value without sacrificing performance.

Pro-Comp Control Arms
The QA1 Pro-Comp Control Arms are the ultimate in adjustability, design and strength. These arms utilized QA1’s exclusive XM series rod ends. These chromoly, heat-treated rod ends use QA1’s exclusive Nylon/PTFE lining for superior performance and durability, Included in the control arm kit are spacers to allow movement of the arms forward and rearward for the wheel base adjustment.

QA1 tubular control arms require the use of QA1 coil-over struts and QA1 caster/camber plates.

Each kit comes with 1 left control arm and 1 right control arm.

Control Arms for Mopar A-Body, B-Body & E-Body

Stronger than the factory control arms without adding any weight!

Upper Control Arms
Ready to bolt on control arm sets for your Mopar. They feature tubular construction, black powder coat and polyurethane inner pivot bushings. These upper control arms increase caster by approximately 3 degrees. Each set comes with ball joints.

Note: Part #52301 is only for factory cars and any A-Body that was swapped to disc brakes with factory parts (large ball joint).

Lower Control Arms
QA1 offers Mopar A, B and E-Body Control Arms with sway bar tabs. These lower control arms are a direct bolt-in on your factory k-member. The set includes bushings, pivot arms and nuts for ease of installation.

Note: Part #52307 is designed to work with the 1964-1966 A-Body with no sway bar and the 1967-1973 A-Body with the 1973-1976 sway bar or “flat bar.”

Part #52308 is designed to work with the E-Body sway bar and the 1970 and up B-Body sway bar.

Control Arms for GM A, G and F-Body

Available for A, G and F-Body vehicles, QA1’s GM control arms are available in race and street configurations making them a great choice for any application. These control arms also feature interchangeable mounts allowing you to use either QA1 coil-over shocks or factory shocks and springs.*

The race arms utilize a QA1 Low Friction Ball Joint and Delrin pivot bushings, providing added performance for drag racing, pro-touring and hard core street applications. The street arms use a factory replacement ball joint and polyurethane pivot bushings, making them great for vehicles used primarily for cruising or long stance events.

GM A, G and F-Body Upper Control Arms
QA1’s A, G and F-Body upper control arms feature powder coated tubular construction for increased strength and great looks. The offset cross shafts allow for easy camber adjustment and adds approximately 2-3 degrees of caster and 0.5-1 degree of negative camber.

GM A, G and F-Body Lower Control Arms
QA1’s A, G and F-Body lower control arms feature powder coated tubular construction for increased strength and great looks. A new sway bar link is also included. The 3rd Generation arms add approximately 1.5 degrees of caster and 1 degree of negative camber adjustment.

*Part number 52312 is only for use with QA1’s Pro Coil Systems, and can not use the interchangeable mount.

Each kit comes with 1 left control arm and 1 right control arm.