8142 - MSD Pro-Mag 44 Amp Coil

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Part #: 8142
Notes: Pro-Mag 44 Amp Coil
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Product Description

The Pro Mag 44 is the mother of all magnetos. With no magnets to recharge, no points to replace and by producing an amazing 44 amps of primary current, it’s no wonder that the Pro Mag 44 is the choice of top fuel dragster and funny car teams!

Just like its sibling 12 Amp Pro Mag, the 44 utilizes a proprietary assemblage of rare earth magnets and windings to produce this incredible energy. To accurately trigger all of this energy, a magnetic pickup is mounted in the lower base of the generator and is triggered by one of eight precision paddles on a reluctor mounted to a 0.500” shaft. This pickup replaces weak and inaccurate points and never requires replacement or adjusting.

When the pickup is triggered, the signal is sent to the Electronic Points Box where the spark duration is controlled then directed to the 44’s Coil. Over a pound of copper wire goes into the special hand-wound windings deep within the coil where the voltage is immediately stepped up and sent to the magneto cap. Next it is accurately distributed to the correct spark plugs to create a burst of energy in the cylinder.

Another advantage to the Pro Mag 44’s design is that you can incorporate optional accessories. A crank trigger can be adapted to trigger the mag for the ultimate in ignition triggering, add a Timing Retard Control or even a rev limiter! The MSD Pro Mag 44 is hands-down, the most powerful and accurate magneto available and its durability matches its performance.