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Cusco Suspension Bushings

Brand: CUSCO | Category: Suspension Bushings / Mounts

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Product Description

Cusco offers not only pillowball bushings for racing, but we also offer HYPER RUBBER BUSHING and URETHANE BUSHING.

HYPER RUBBER BUSHING – reinforced rubber bushing

  • Hyper-enhanced hardness rubber is used for the bushings
  • 70 to 90 degrees hyper rubber replaces 40 to 50 degrees hardness rubber that is used in normal bushings
  • Bushings are pressed into metal cases and ready to be installed


  • Using a highly durable urethane hardness, these bushings have excellent corrosion resistance, and even higher heat resistance compared to rubber and hyper rubber
  • Ideal for where smooth motion is necessary
  • Color is bright pink